to help support computers and networks!
    If you are entrepreneurial in nature, socially responsible
    and ready to own your own business, CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY.

  2. Who are we?

    We are a unique pairing of social entrepreneurs who know their way around technology. Our talents span multiple industries and most areas of business so we can assist our clients in complex ways not typically found with a technology service provider.

  3. What do we do?

    What don't we do?! Our focus is on making technology work for our clients and we handle everything from purchasing and asset management to customizations and end-user education.

    Not to mention our extensive experience in the OAEC space including Design Visualization, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD).

  4. How do we do it?

    We use tools... and lots of them. From calculators to androids and post-its to paypal, effectively using the right tool for the job simply makes sense.

    After decades of Microsoft and Quickbooks dominance, the web has finally set us free. db duality operates almost entirely 'in the cloud' using a foundation of open-minded web apps: Google.com, Box.net, Batchbook.com, Freshbooks.com, Zendesk.com. We'd be happy to give you a tour.

  5. What is our mission?

    We haven't narrowed this down just yet but it very much includes Doing the Right Thing (and our definition of this is delightfully different than other service providers we've seen).

  6. Where can you find us?

    At OfficePort, of course.
    Proud to call the Crossroads Arts District in KC our home.

  7. Is this the whole site?

    Although we've done a fair amount of HTML, CSS, and JS on LAMP lately, none of it was for our own website. Obviously!

    Until we get some time for ourselves, please Contact Us to find out more; and thank you for visiting!